Through the years, there are always fun updates in the life of the Eastmans, and this might top them all!

 After gracing the Portland area with Beauty, Style, and a quirky sense of humor, Paul & I are moving down to the Land of Umpqua!  The Napa Valley of Southern Oregon!  

Throughout the last year, we have been dreaming about the next chapter of life as Empty Nesters.  Living here since 1969, we decided it's time to spread our wings and go on an adventure.  Discover other areas and take advantage of life!  

We fell in love with a house on a hill, Paul was offered a great job opportunity at Umpqua Health, and we sold our house of 25 years in 3 days.  This all happened in 5 weeks.   It was OBVIOUS, it was time to take life by the horns! 

So, the melancholy part of this story is that I will be ending my business as we know it mid June, becoming a professional painter of our new house walls and eventually building up a little clientele in the Umpqua Valley. 

This week I will be emailing all four Stylists names who interned with me.  They are all accepting new clients and looking forward to meeting you, continuing what we have started!

Cheers to new Chapters Ladies!

 Thank you for the fun memories~

April Eastman 

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